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How about this?

Nicely framed, but next time, watch for shadow/light.

I read an article long time ago about taking car photos for submission to magazines for publication. There were a few key points, so since we are on the subject...

1. Unless the vehicle is an off-road vehicle, the car should always be photographed on a driving surface. (Paved road, un-paved road, driveway, etc.) Never on grass, sand, etc. Exceptions would of course be Bonneville, Daytona Beach, etc.

2. No three-wheeled vehicles. For some reason, editors really hate that. All photos should show either 2 or 4 wheels at a time.

3. All windows up. (Except convertibles)

4. Even lighting. No weird shadows. Reflections are okay, as long as it is complimentary (like mountains in the background, but not the photographer!)

Pavement, 2 wheels, windows up. But even this would probably get rejected because of the weird stripe on the ground 'touching' the rear tire. Can't remember now if that was actually on the ground, or a shadow. I should have moved forward a little bit, or airbrushed it out!

FAIL! Took this photo before I read the article. Pavement, even lighting, no weird reflections, windows up.... three wheels. SMH

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