Early April fools joke is exactly the kind of spin I would expect a Canadian to put on this. Well, guess what? He's already begun backpedaling and and openly admits he's been paid off. It doesn't get any more cut and dry folks, it really doesn't.

The fact is, my car is very photogenic... very photogenic..I'm talking Victoria Secret photogenic. It is, but that's not me saying it. I have many members that tell me, "Neta, why does your car look so fantastic in photographs." I tell them,"its the angles"... truth of the matter is, its simply a far superior car. And I'm not saying that to make myself look good, it's just facts. My car is quite simply much nicer than theirs, very much nicer.

I think that's the root of the problem. They're thinking, "hey, how did this guy come out of nowhere, with no experience, and crush us at our own game." Some people dont like to lose. It's sad, but true. Unfortunately I cant offer them any help, as I have no experience in the matter.

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