I did take a pictures of my car, and it involved going out.

As far as the rules:


Here's the CVN rules for this game

Pictures can not be older than two days

Any panther platform vehicle that is covered on CVN, is allowed in the game. But it has to be YOUR car, nobody elses.

Once you post a picture and complete the challenge, you have to post a new challenge

No changing challenges unless a minimum of 3 days have gone by and nobody has fulfilled the previous set challenge. (Meaning the first one you picked was to hard and nobody could do it, so you can make a new one)

I've played by the rules, I follow rules very well. Rules are very important to me, I'm a great rules guy. Ive also put more work into a challenge than 99% of the winners have, much much more. No offense, some of the winners are good people, but going out to the garage and snapping a photo of your panther next to a water bottle? Is that hard? Gimme a break...

But you know, I get it... I'm an outsider and it scares the career posters. I called it from the very beginning, I did. It doesn't get anymore rigged than this people, it really doesn't. Believe me.

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