I'm a new member here, I just wanted to introduce myself and ask a few questions as well. Currently, I own/made/run http://www.superhighoutput.com (Taurus SHO site and community)... I own a '92 Taurus SHO MTX (Manual), and a '93 Taurus SHO ATX (Automatic). Well here goes for the questions... 1) I am interested in possibly purchasing a '99-'00 Crown Vic Police Interceptor (P71), I have searched the web to no end and have not been able to find any details to the power output on these things any ideas? 2) I see '98-'00 Police Vics go on ebay all the time with 80k-90k miles for 4-6k, anything reasons I should not buy these vehicles, anything to watch out for? Thats pretty much it for now, thanks for the help.