I finally upgraded my 60amp alternator that I was having issues with to 105 amps. Wasn't too hard really, consisted of pulling apart the alternator and swapping out a couple components. If I didn't already have a fairly new alternator in the car to bein with I'd probably have just gone out and got a higher output reman alternator but this way was a lot cheaper.

here's the contents of the kit: A beefier stator, rectifier, brush holder&brushes, as well as some assorted nuts/bolts/insulators.

3 small bolts and it pulls right apart.

Here's the whole thing pulled apart with the old stator/rectifier shown. From here it was pretty much the opposite of disassembly. The one complaint I have about the kit was that I had to solder the rectifier/stator wires up. Since they go in as a unit anyway I don't see why they wouldn't but it's not such a big deal. The wires are not exactly labeled the best either but it wasn't hard to infer where they went from their location and by looking at the old parts.

I put the upgraded alternator on this afternoon. Fired up the car and turned on the headlights, A/C(also activates the dual 12" cooling fans), and turned the blower to full. Voltmeter held right at 14v vs the slightly below 12 it had before. It did drop a bit once the car went off cold idle and slowed down but that's not too big of a deal. I may put on a smaller pulley or maybe just not worry about it at all.
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