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Off topic, but Blakat do you have 3 brake lights in the back window? Looks cool.

Yes. When I bought the second of the twins, it still had the factory rear deck strobe light assembly. It had the standard CHMSL, flanked by red and blue lights using the same CHMSL cowl, but with clear lenses.

I liked the look, so I grabbed a couple extra CHMSL's from the junk yard. I needed to make a custom bulb holder for the extras (to avoid cutting the rear shelf to mount them the same), wired them together, and put in LED's.

For Isabella (the one I drive), I added a brake light flasher to the two extra (outer lights), after confirming with the Michigan State Police that it is legal. Alfonso (the one my daughter drives), are all three steady burn.

Now let's see how many Whackerphobes come out of the woodwork to comment.
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