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God, I hate those! mad

Ha! But you sure noticed it, eh?

I drive 60 miles round trip on congested Detroit freeways every day. Too many close calls. Hence the flasher.

Typical morning.

I agree and people are dumb AF here. Two bad accidents turned my evening commute from 65 minutes to 105 today. I got rear ended last week. I already have a flashing CHMSL. I got it after the last time I was rear ended. I've been rear ended 4 times in the last 13 months. Twice was sitting at lights; twice on the freeway because of a slow down.

75mm DBW TB

Click to reveal...

2005 Grand Marquis GS Two Tone Edition

Vibrant White over Arizona Beige

The GS Two Tone Package includes:
� hood ornament
� c-pillar emblems
� LS style body side moldings
� body color mirror caps (the b-pillars are body color too, but I don't know if that is package specific)
� two tone interior (mine is leather and includes embossed logos on the seats)
� front door sill plates that say �Grand Marquis�