Some of you may be aware of this, but for those who aren't, I bought pantera77's 1991 Country Squire last night. You can check his old thread over on GMN for some of the tech info as well as his much more detailed story about how HE bought it.

Basically, my story is much more simple. I sold the G20 van because I wanted a wagon. Texted Zach and asked him if he knew of any running wagons for CVN money. He offered his '91 for more than CVN money but still in my budget.

The basics are as follows: lopo 5.0 block, HO heads/intake/cam, Explorer TB, TB spacer, '04+ airbox, 3G alternator, sway bars, cargo coils, wide-ratio AOD, Lentech valve body. Interior is mint with upgraded speakers. Underneath is pretty clean due to Zach's regular Fluid Film applications each fall. Body has a mouse hole on the passenger side and some bubbling under the wood grain in spots, but overall still presents well. Oh, and there's like zero clearcoat left. Thanks, Ford.

Anyway, I conned my dad into driving his Mustang even though it was raining from Chicago to Rochester. His car is lowered and quite fun to drive, and I knew NY-5 would be a nice road to cruise even in the rain. Plus, he'd just put new calipers on the front (evidenced by the red in front and blue in back - will be fixed soon) and I figured we may as well road test it.

We got to Buffalo without issue, aside from a ton of rain. The mosquitoes were biting pretty good when we got there, but we got a tour of the field and barn, and saw his minty Town Car. Sadly, I didn't take pictures.

Did a quick test drive, exchanged money for title, and hit the road.

Stopped at a beer store to buy some NY-specific beer and snapped this picture.

After snapping it, a drunk bro and his girlfriend came out and he flipped his ass over the car. He grabbed someone (friend? stranger? who knows) to snap a picture of them standing next to the tailgate...

I pulled 91.7FM out of Canada all the way to the PA/NY state line. Fittingly, the last tune I heard was by Canadian hero Kim Mitchell...

Got some gas once we got into Ohio - 21.49mpg for the Squire, 22.donotremember for the GT.

The guy in the blue jacket below was REALLY into the Squire. He followed me almost into the bathroom asking me questions about it. quagmire

Anyway, the trip was super easy and Zach is a reputable seller if anyone is ever in the market and still has regular contact with him.

I snapped the following pictures about an hour ago:

Apply Rule Three Today!

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