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To clarify, some examples:

Flag of Ontario:

Flag of New York State:

City of Toronto flag:

City of Buffalo, New York flag:

Canadian Naval Ensign:

Flag of the United States Navy:

What I meant by "non-federal" was not the Stars and stripes or the Maple Leaf flag.

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So...??? Something like a gay pride flag? wtf2
The gay pride flag doesn't apply to a specific jurisdiction so that one doesn't count.

That's where I was confused. By meaning "non-federal", I thought you mean NON-GOVERNMENT (which I thought was odd since it's the 4th of July weekend). In my mind, I bundled all government flags including state flags and city flags.

Just hope someone doesn't go out and post a confederate flag as I would prefer someone post a gay pride flag instead.

So, that's why I mentioned (cynically) about the gay pride flag.
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