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Your Panther with a non-Federal flag. State, Provincial, local, military, etc. along with the jurisdiction it belongs to.
I shall try to clarify, again. Your Panther with a flag that represents a valid, recgonised State, Province, county, city, region, or a military branch of service.

I'm not going to issue a new challenge, but I will modify it.

Your Panther with literally ANY flag, the gay pride rainbow flag, the P.O.W. flag, a white flag of surrender, even one of those flags they sell at Big Lots for people to fly on holidays like Easter or for a spring or summer; with the following exceptions:
Exception 1: Current national flags. The 50-star flag, the Maple Leaf, The 1801 Union Jack, etc.

A U.S. Flag with 13 to 49 stars, the Canadian Red Ensign, the original Union Jack (I do know a place in New York that flies the 1609 Jack), etc. meet the challenge.

Exception 2: Current or vanquished enemies of the United States of America.

In other words, Isis flag is NOT OK,
Nazi flag is NOT OK,
and of course
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Confederate flag is NOT OK.

15 to 49 bonus points (depending on number of stars) for a U.S. flag that doesn't have 13 or 48 stars

58 bonus points for a rainbow flag
(L=12, G=7, B=2, T=20, Q=17 - LGBTQ = 12+7+2+20+17=58)

72 bonus points for a P.O.W./M.I.A. flag
(1972 was the year that my dad spectacularly failed his army physical)

An awesome Cheap Trick song for a white flag

And 1,800 bonus points for an original Union Jack.

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