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Nice Fairmont. Reminds me of my 1st car, a 1980 white 4 door Fairmont with the inline 6 engine I got in 1988. Wish I had it now and could afford to restore it.

My first car was a '57 Ford Country Sedan Sta wgn... Never really wanted another(tho wagons are now in vogue) and definitely not the next two that were '62 & '58 Ford 4dr... The '58 did have one redeeming virtue, was equipped with 352 interceptor(and, BTW power windows)... Fourth car was a '64 Galaxie 500 Fastback, 289 & three-on-tree that I converted to 390 4-speed, that one I'd like to have back... Fifth was a identical '64 but automatic, despised that car(soon sold it and started driving the 4-speed Galaxie again)... Number six is my Cobra Jet that I still have... Wouldn't trade it for all the aforementioned or next 25 combined(maybe one exception)... Somewhere in that bunch was '68 GTE Cougar with factory 427, that's the one I should have kept, some of those have sold for six figures...
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