It's been a month, but there's not much traffic since the VerticalScope bs, so I'm gonna bring back a bunch of unfulfilled challenges and hope somebody can make something happen.

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New challenge: Your car with a toolbox 72" or wider.

12,995 bonus useless internet points if it looks like mine.
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New challenge: Your Panther with a cartoon/comic book character.
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Your Panther with an H-body GM vehicle. (LeSabre, Bonneville, Eighty-Eight, Lucerne)

91 bonus points for a LeSabre with a Corvette hood
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I thought the H body was the Monza and Vega class cars.

OK, front OR rear wheel drive H bodies. Chevy Vega, Monza; Pontiac Astre, Sunbird; Buick Skyhawk; Olds Starfire. Buick LeSabre, Lucerne; Pontiac Bonneville; Olds Eighty-Eight.
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Alright, how about your Panther with a statue of a man or woman. A permanent statue, life size or larger.
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. . . how about your Panther with some flowers. It can be a bouquet for Mom, a vase with flowers in it, flowers in a pot, a flower bed, rose bushes or even a lawn covered in dandelions, as long as they're in bloom.
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OK then, how about your Panther at an ice cream shop, like Baskin or DQ or something similar.
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NEW CHALLENGE: Your Panther with an ambulance.

A real ambulance - lights must be off, I don't want anybody impeding them when they're trying to save someone's life for this.
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How about you Panther next to a car (SUV, minivan, whatever) with a bike rack on it?
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