Well, I did the deal yesterday on the '04 LX's replacement.

2010 P7B
Former Wixom (MI) PD unit
Mods so far: Addco front sway bar, Focus foglights, NTF auxiliary oil filter (installed by the PD), side-mount trunk organizers (first time I've ever seen these and I really like them), LED trunk illumination, LED reverse lights, Forscan-activated keyfob, Forscan-activated light flash upon door closure, Explorer center console, Kenwood BT stereo with subwoofer in the trunk.

Best of all: no major rust - and the undercarriage is shockingly clean. I'll get pics of that sometime soon.

My first chore was to remove the "See You Space Cowboy" decal on the rear fascia.

Aside from that, I've gassed it, spiffed the interior up a bit, and put some Rain-X on it. Also ordered a 2" hitch receiver for it so I can mount my bike rack. Doubt I'll do any trailering with this, since the '91 LTD has the 2" receiver, wiring for lights, and a trailer brake controller already installed.

More to come. I haven't really had a chance to do much to the car.
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