This introduction to my car is long over due. But to be honest when I got the car I did not know if it would last long enough to justify a topic on here.

Story is I got the car august 1 2019 with 110k miles on it. My previous vehicle died and I was having to bum rides to work as I desperately searched craigslist 1000 times a day refreshing every 30 seconds for days in all my spare time. Just as my rides were going to run out I refreshed and this 1999 MGM appeared for 800 dollars. I emailed him in an instant because it was the first car that said it was road worthy for under 1000 dollars which was all the money I had. I was scared because the guy did not mail me back for hours. He said he got about a dozen mails but I was the first one so he granted me to first look at the car.

I went to look at the car and I could see it needed work but was solid and had low miles and ran great. The power steering was messed up he said it needed a pump it was hard to steer. Turned out the pump was fine it just needed the entire front end rebuilt. I paid 800 cash money for the car.

I have always been kind of handy with cars but so far this car is the most ive worked on and I learned many things already doing jobs I never tried before.

So far I did the following work
ball joints
front wheel bearings
Idler arm
inner and outer tie rods
rear springs
All 4 shocks
all brake pads
All rotors
Front sway bar end links
Down stream O2 sensors

Other stuff is I changed oil twice now, Cleaned MAF sensor, put on crappy cold air intake from ebay because the stock air box was rusted and the clips were broken so it would not seal, Front end alignment, did a rear end oil change with new gasket, Port and polish plenum, 70mm throttle, install 18 inch steel wheels with 1.5 inch spacers and mountaineer hub caps, Im sure im forget something but thats the most of it.

I am also painstakingly wire wheel/ wire brushing the whole frame/underside and painting it with eastwood rust encapsulator platinum then top coating with regular rust encapsulator. I am probably 1/2 done with this. after that I am going to buy the stuff you spray into the frame with a long tube on the can. THIS to me is most important because regardless of how crappy the car looks it is very clean as far as rust. The only rot on the car is the front fenders. I lost too many vehicles to the upstate NY rust and this is the first time I am going on full attack mode to try and save it from the rust death. After I get new fenders on it I am going to try and save up to have it painted maybe.

The guy who owned it before me spray painted most of the chrome black. I just touched it up because it was flaking. Car has a lot of random small dents and scrapes because the guy I bought it from said the first owner was old and couldnt drive good so banged it up a lot.

Future plans are dual exhaust, Jmod, rear gears and a tune.

It has 120k miles on it now.

Last 3 pictures are the oldest ones I have. That was right after I put the new springs on the back and shocks all around. Before that the back was sagging way low but otherwise looks just for it did when I bought the car.