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Just for reference, the "U-Haul" pan does not have increased fluid capacity...it's identical the the stock pan with the addition of the drain plug.
I was going to say that but I wasn't 100% sure. From what I remember, the reason the u-haul pan exists is because u-haul wanted to be able to easily service their vans. They have enough pull with Ford (and GM) thru their fleet accounts and large numbers of vehicles ordered that Ford complied with that request by simply modifying the standard pan and adding a drain plug. Probably costs Ford very little to do that and if it keeps a large national fleet company happy, it only makes sense for them to do so.

Should have been standard on all transmissions but they saved millions by deleting a drain plug. So many cars and trucks with 4r70w's ended up in the scrap yard due to early transmission falure that could have been prevented by having a drain plug to easily service the transmission fluid.

The same people who don't bother changing the fluid still wouldn't bother changing the filter so they wouldn't be that far ahead.

It's all made even worse now when most new vehicles don't even come with a transmission dipstick anymore.