Hello every one! Im matt, I am new here. I currently own a 2000 grand-marquis with the npi 4.6. Bone stock and has 320k miles on her when the odometer stopped working. The only thing I have done is replace the intake with a improved aluminium crossover one back in 2012.

However the "improved" dorman intake cracked behind the #5 cylinder and created a mess.

I was at the junkyard today getting parts for my blazer and found a 1994 and a 1996 crown vic with the 4.6 however I noticed they had solid aluminum intakes. However the tb and related goodies hookup to the back. Would it be possible to modify my car to take the aluminum intake? My understanding is that I need to modify the egr tube, throttle cables, iac, and the altenator brackets? I can fabricate a air tube and reuse the maf.

I was also thinking about fabricating using a metal 3d printer a tube that would go from the current spot the intake plenum throttle assembly is to the hole on the solid aluminum intake so i wouldn't have to modify much?

Thank you in advance for any and all input.
2000 2v 4.6 340kish miles in a 2001 body.
Had her since new then the frame rusted in two, put the engine in a donor car.