Buick Wildcat
Mercury Cougar, Bobcat, Lynx
any Jaguar
Sunbeam Tiger (good luck with that one)
Cheetah (even more so)

Serious bonus points if you find a Panther (kit car from the 1970s) or a Panther Six (they only made two of them).

1988 CVLX Formal Roof (Love Boat) POTM July 2019, Aug 2020, & Oct 2021, 58K
E-code lights w/ relays, LEDs w/ switchbacks, 15x8 Ansen slots w/ 255/60 BFG's, Kenwood stereo, various hacks.
This, of course, was merely the semi-delirious notion of a fever-patient, but I remember that it struck me at the time as being eminently practical and feasible.