Crap looks like my intake went bad again.

Replaced mine at 55,000 miles 3 years ago myself with a Ford racing mani & new metal felro gaskets torqued correctly.
Car has run perfect for 3 years and 30,000 miles a joy to drive no issues pulled hard.
On my weekly engine check noticed all of a sudden it was about an inch low on the degas tank. Oh No.
I have the level marked with a black marker on the tank
so know if it moves even slightly.
I got so pissed because I know what that means.

This will be my third intake on this platform and getting really old. A previous PI and this one.

The intake looks brand new all the nuts on the bottom in the front metal are ok look new no deformation or rot in that thermo area or the other side.

I know where all the leak areas are and checked them carefully multiple times I see no leaks anywhere on the intake and the little plastic heater connector on the back is fine no leaks there.Put cardboard on the ground at night to catch leak area no leaks.

Started about a month ago losing a little less than 1/4 of an inch a day. Just yesterday started the stumbling in idle crap it did identically last time it needed an intake and now got 2 PO300 misfires too. My Scangauge cant tell which cylinder though.I ordered another OBD tool.
I know its leaking but its leaking internally..

I suspect its leaking across the head deck under the mani at the first cylinder at the thermo area it had alot of pitting there at that area real close to the intake hole of #1 when I replaced it last.have pittiong on all 4 corners but not bad at all really except that thermostat area.
I filled that area pitting with black gasket permatex but I don't think that works long.

Also had the wife rev up the car and i see smoke out the exhaust now when she punched it so I know coolant is getting into the intake now.

I/m at 85,000 miles.

So aggravating i don't beat on the car have never even floored it once. No hard launches etc just an old man trying to get to work in his living room lol.

My question is what to do about that pitting? Will any of Muffler Weld in a tube stuff work if I smooth it out real good and slap the gasket on and bolt it up and let it sit for a few days to dry?

Or is it new head time?

I could kick myself now for not taking pictures of that damage.
Your hands are filthy so didn't want to pick up my phone I guess. Its off the road now now I'm off next week for 6 days so will tear it down again and send pics see if I need a new head or 2.

Thanks in advance.
2004 Mercury Grand Marquis Ultimate Pearl White
Bought in 2017 w 55,000 miles on it. New Ford racing intake mani and it runs really strong. Duals coming and new gears in the back. Looking for J Mod.