The gaskets or O-rings don't seal well to pits like they do to smooth surfaces.

What I would do
is clean them heads until you'd feel good about eating off the surfaces, including in the pits. Then mix up some original formula J B Weld, spread it in the pits as a filler, then after a few hours, take a straight edge of plastic or aluminum and scrape smooth the J B Weld that will be stiff but not hard yet, then let it cure a full 24 hours.

Only when the surface is smooth with no dips or high spots and no pits, with any JBW being fully cured, would I reinstall the intake.

I CAUTION YOU ... Do not get in a rush and try to install gaskets over the uncured J B Weld as the JBW will cure and then pull the gasket seals. You want as near perfectly smooth head surfaces and then the gaskets can seal as designed.

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