Don't know what the deal is with these post-covid online police auctions, but some of these closing prices are laughable.
Take a look through these complete govdeals listings for Knoxville, TN PD. Most of the vics are on the 2nd page.
I'm seeing these dirty 100k+ mile patrol cars with incomplete, trashed interiors going for $2500-3K+.
Item F21345 has duct tape holding the trunk lid closed, sold for $2800.

I think the most ridiculous prices are for the cars with mechanical issues or collision damage.
Item #F21191 has a slipping transmission, sold for $1700.
Item F21360 is non-driving and heavily parted out, sold for $1100

Item F21417 is completely totalled in the front end, sold for $1100.

Item F21424 is non-running and disassembled, sold for $1000.
It makes no sense to me. Before covid, knoxville held bi-monthly, in person auctions. Many of these cars would have closed far short of $1000. It seems the lucrative public market for these cars has finally found the public auctions, thanks to covid.
Afraid to say the $600 CVN price is now a distant memory.

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