I make no statements about the age of the picture, but it is the most recent solo shot I have of the car.

Player's choice:
1. Video of your car doing a donut (embedded in YouTube using the [yt] UBB code)
2. Your car at a local record store (yes, they still exist, and you get bonus internet points if you actually make a purchase). Shop sign and car must both be visible.

For these two, how about the video or picture must be newer than a month?

'91 LTD Country Squire (POTM Mar. '19) | '03 Marauder (POTM Nov. '10, Jul. '20) | 2010 P7B (POTM Feb. '21)
formerly: '02 MGM, '04 MGM, '04 MGM v2.0, '04 MM, '07 P71 (POTM Feb. '18), '04 CVLX (POTM Jun. '19 and the best car ever), '03 SAP P71