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2011 CVPI P7B
Former Newton Police department patrol car
Bought at 89k, currently at 126k
12k idle hours

Performance mods:
Gear ratio upgraded from 3.27 to 3.55
P & P stock plenum, 75mm TB coming soon
Big Gulp intake mod
HVAC aluminum insulation tape on zip tube
Autolite double platinum spark plugs
Moog sway bar end links and bushings
Mevotech Supreme control arms
Trans pan swap w/ drain plug
Wix filters all around

Cosmetic mods:
Painted OEM wheel covers (Graphite)
Carpet retrofit
6D Carbon fiber wrapped dash and console accents
Refurbished seat covers and cushions
LED dome & Backup lights
RKE enabled, Dark mode turned off through Forscan
PLZ MP-900 7” touchscreen stereo with 10 band EQ, backup camera
Infinity Reference 6x8 door speakers, Alpine 6x9 rear deck speakers
SoundStorm 400w amp, Rockville 800w 10” powered sub
Front and rear facing dash cam

I use this car as a DD and it pretty much doubles as a work truck.

My mods are basically an attempt to modernize the aging but legendary Panther platform while preserving the functionality and utility that made it so prolific.

Having been driven down many a dirt road on my way to hike and hunt, she’s no highway queen. But even with the 12k idle hours, compression is strong. Seems to be a lot of life left in the motor and trans.

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