So for anyone who has looked at my profile, you already know I am racing a 2011 CV P7 in the 24 hours of Lemons series. Over Easter weekend we had our first race, finishing 50 out of 132 entries. Actually a great finish considering we are running a stock 4.6, with stock transmission, and stock suspension and open diff 3.27.

We are now in the process of getting the car ready for race 2 in late may.

During our first race, we saw trans temps consistently in the 230-250 range, with a high of 264. We did a fluid change to Valvoline Mercon LV on Sat night, and Sunday we ran cooler at 230-240 most of the day.

Our plan is to do a flush and fill with either Valvoline or Amsoil Mercon LV. They both seem a little more resistant to heat build up.

Also, we are planning on ditching the Trans cooler that is part of the condenser and going with a stand alone B&M 10 row cooler. We hope this will bring out temps down further.

I am soliciting advice on additional ways to bring our temps down.

Just an FYI, we run the car with the OD off, as this keeps the car in a better rev range for racing.

Thanks in advance for the help.