Thank you all for all the feedback.

I will for certain check out the Long coolers. We plan to ditch the factory condenser/cooler combo, and run the aftermarket trans cooler as just that, a trans cooler.

I’ve already contacted 88 Grand Marq and am working on rebuilding the valve body, and doing the J-mod, I believe these two streps will help immensely. (And I kind of knew we should have J-moded the trans before)

We’re also going to try a full fill of the Valvoline for the next race. (I’m an Amsoil guy) but the Valvoline has already proven itself (10 degrees cooler between sat and sun) so we’ll roll with it this next time around.

With all do respect to @ironmarinebill64, we are not “running the car into the ground on purpose” in fact, I have 8k and 200+ hours into the build and preparation of this car, not for just one race, but for many Lemons races. (We go to Thunder Hill at the end of May.) And, we have plans for suspension mods in the near future to improve the handling.

It’s kind of hard to say how high our sustained RPMs were. Sonoma is a very up and down track, with a lot of on/off partial throttle. But we did beat the motor pretty hard. Cool side note: Engine temp hummed along between 191-205 all day long, and spent most of the day below 195. Amazing motor (durability wise).

If anyone is interested, here is a link to our Sunday in car cam...recorded the whole 8 hours, including pit stops, fuel dumps, etc. (I apologize for any harsh language in the heat of battle.) You can see the craziness that is Lemons, and some of our good, and bad driving.