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Very cool build I think that standalone trans cooler will help. I was surprised the p71 got a separate power steering cooler. Yet kept the standard production trans condenser setup. I agree it does not seem like you're trying to run down on purpose. If the pressure changed with the cooler you could likely adjust that with a tune. Could probably alter the function of the od button as well. Have it still lockup but not shift into od when off then normal when on. That way you'd still be keeping od from engaging. Yet trans temps would drop + less power loss due to the mechanical connection.

This is a very interesting idea. We had never planned to tune, because the appeal of the CV is it’s extreme durability in stock configuration. We do plan a rear end rebuild at some point with a move to 3.73 and a limited slip, so we can avoid one legging it around the track. That of course will require a programming of the ECU for the new gears. This could be a possible solution to our heat build up, if the other steps don’t work. (Thank you very much, this is a very clever idea.)

On a side note, I don’t want to come off hyper sensitive, but we are not running down the car, or abusing it. Yes, we are driving it hard. Yes we are subjecting it to extreme conditions. But that’s racing.

We actually take very good care of the car. In fact, we’re 48 hours post race, and in the process of fixing a leaky PS line, re-flushing the PS, changing the oil, rebuilding the valve body and changing the ATF again. We’ve also conducted a full inspection of all the suspension components (discovered a cracked front sway bar bushing.) full inspection of the engine, both visual and OBD code read, and full brake inspection.

We love this car and care for it as such. I want to make it clear, we’re not trying to kill the car or break it.