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Thanks and sorry I didn't mean to infer you were abusing the car knowingly or not. You can usually tell right away by what people are asking what their plan is. Not to mention it'd be rather odd to do endurance races in something you're not taking care of. Properly maintained as you're doing is much better than what some would consider good care (over babying or underuse). By that I mean low miles low maintenance so say fluids don't get up to temp or changed on time rather by miles. As most often drivers ignore the time part and only pay attention to miles for fluids. Like a weekend babied car with 3 year old oil and 10 year old coolant all the hoses just waiting to blow. Because "I don't put many miles on it."

No offense taken. And I apologize is I came off as a hyper sensitive D-bag. I am a Panther platform lover. Drove a Marauder for a couple years, and when it came time to do a Lemons build really never considered another car.

As a Panther enthusiast, my goal is to respect the platform. With guys cutting up our cars to turn them into F100, good examples are going to get scarce soon.

My car started as a San Joaquin County Dog car. If I didn't "rescue" it from the auction house, it was headed to a parts yard.

Sorry if it seemed like I lashed out, I really appreciate the help everyone has directly and indirectly supplied over the course of our build, and the last thing I want to do is piss anyone here off. Couldn't have made it this far without you guys. Our victories are your victories too.

Stay tuned for more pics and updates in my build thread...Tranny cooling upgrades, and suspension upgrades coming soon. grin