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So for anyone who has looked at my profile, you already know I am racing a 2011 CV P7 in the 24 hours of Lemons series. Over Easter weekend we had our first race, finishing 50 out of 132 entries. Actually a great finish considering we are running a stock 4.6, with stock transmission, and stock suspension and open diff 3.27.

We are now in the process of getting the car ready for race 2 in late may.

During our first race, we saw trans temps consistently in the 230-250 range, with a high of 264. We did a fluid change to Valvoline Mercon LV on Sat night, and Sunday we ran cooler at 230-240 most of the day.

Our plan is to do a flush and fill with either Valvoline or Amsoil Mercon LV. They both seem a little more resistant to heat build up.

Also, we are planning on ditching the Trans cooler that is part of the condenser and going with a stand alone B&M 10 row cooler. We hope this will bring out temps down further.

I am soliciting advice on additional ways to bring our temps down.

Just an FYI, we run the car with the OD off, as this keeps the car in a better rev range for racing.

Thanks in advance for the help.


here are my thoughts;

1) keep the factory trans cooler and plumb in a large Auxiliary cooler. Personally I like the 8000 series coolers from Derale. part number 13503 should work well. https://derale.com/product-footer/fluid-...-53-27471243954

2) Go away from the Mercon LV fluid and use normal Mercon/Dextron fluid. The LV stands for light viscosity, which means it's really thin fluid and does not handle heat well. plus you can buy a Gallon jug of normal Mercon fluid at walmart for $12-$14.

3) Install a Dorman transmission pan that has a drain plug. pull the plug and do a simple drain and fill on the fluid as often as possible. You might even consider an aftermarket cast aluminum deep pan that will hold 2 qts more fluid. the down side the large pan is it is much lower than the crossmember and will be first thing that hits pavement, if you bottom the car out.

4) Make sure all the factory plastic deflectors are in place on the front of the car. They are there for a reason and direct air flow into the cooling system. The core support cover is very important and I have personally measured 10 degree high trans fluid temps with it missing.
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