I actually had a long discussion with Eric today, super helpful and very knowledgable guys. (Also really nice.) We talked about every thing from Trans Temps, to drive shaft speed, rear gearing, and even a little suspension.

After some discussion, here is the current plan.

1) We are actually going to ditch the OEM cooler and run this monster. (https://derale.com/product-footer/fluid-...54/13504-detail)

The logic here is we are located on the west coast, and most of the races are in the summer months. IF (and I doubt this) we can't get the trans up to operating temp, we'll pull the old NASCAR trick of blocking off part of the cooler.
2) We're making the switch to Amsoil Mercon V.
3) J-Mod and Valve body rebuild with Eric's special touches.

That's the plan for now, I'll post some pics when it's all in, and report back after the race.

Thank you to all of you for your input, and help.