Well the valve body got back to me today, and I have to say, it came in a very nice little package with new filter, O ring, and very detailed instructions. Could not be happier, everything went in smoothly. I have all my gears, and the transmission not only holds each gear much longer, but shifts much more quickly. Very impressed.

Here are a few photos of the upgrades, and changes.

Ever wonder how to ruin a Ford reusable pan gasket, run it at 240-250 for 14 hours.

Old valve body out, and ready to ship to 88GrandMarq.

Bye Bye old trans cooler....

Lots of room in there for the new oversized cooler.

Derale giant cooler....

We plummed it into the old hard lines, because they have a nice nipple on them.

Eric’s awesome instructions.

Okay I’m embarrassed to admit, I was so excited, and a little too focused to get a pic of the rebuilt valve body, but trust me, it was a thing of beauty. Packaged nicely, well organized box of parts, and clear instructions.

Do not hesitate to hit Eric up if you need this work done. I can’t emphasize enough how good his communication was, and the work is super clean.

Trans on a short drive, in light traffic warmed up to 170-172 and stayed there. Cooled to 165 at idle. This is probably too cool for everyday street use, but for our race car, it’s going to work out great.