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Trans on a short drive, in light traffic warmed up to 170-172 and stayed there. Cooled to 165 at idle. This is probably too cool for everyday street use, but for our race car, it’s going to work out great.

I have a 2004 police interceptor. For my particular year it has a transmission cooler that it also shares with the power steering system but it's independent from the A/C condenser.

In hard city stop and go my transmission fluid temperature is around 188 degrees fahrenheit. On the freeway the temperature drops to 165 degrees fahrenheit. At idle she holds at 172 degrees fahrenheit. These temperatures are recorded when the weather is approximately 54-56 degrees fahrenheit outside.

That said, I have one broken air dam that I need to fix and I will look into what the other poster said about creating an additional air dam and I still haven't installed a larger aluminum transmission pan that holds additional quarts.

I don't think there is too cold of fluid for a transmission unless you're living in places like Iceland or Alaska. If I can hit your numbers after what I intend to do I will be happy.

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