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We hit 200+ at our track day with a medium sized cooler. I bought the one you linked and am going to plumb it in after the radiator. That will give me some data to see if its worth it or not to run it in the radiator.

When is your next race?

Thunderhill last weekend in May. The track is located in Willows CA, which is notoriously hot. My only suggestion, other than the giant swamp cooler, is a switch to full synthetic fluid. It holds up a lot better, heats up slower, and cools faster.

We ran an average of 5-10 degrees cooler from day one to day 2 of our fist race, with just a partial fluid change. (It was blind luck, the local Napa only had Valvoline synthetic)

I’ve done a couple test runs since we got our Trans back together and I’m having a hard time getting it to normal operating temp (180-190) in street driving. It seems to want to run about 160-165. This makes me feel like we should be able to stay under 210 in our next race.)