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The trans guy advised dexron 3 mercon 1 as its thicker. I never thought about going synthetic. WE also are running a mustang v6 convertor, it supposedly is matched to the engine better. Id love to switch to the newer smaller convertor but thats a down the road project. Ive spent a lot of $ getting the trans and drivetrain essentially bulletproof.

Yep, we’re right there with you. The bulk of our money has been invested in reliability. In most cases we’ve replace broken, worn, or old parts with Motorcraft in an attempt to maintain OEM reliability.

We know it’s only a matter of time before the Trans, motor, or both give up. At that point we’ll have some decisions to make. (We’re leaning towards the idea of a forged bottom end, cams, and ported stock heads, along with long tubes.) No boost, no crazy compression, just smooth reliable 300-325 hp. That also makes it easier to rebuild the trans with more bulletproof components, when it’s time comes.

At this point we’re hoping our motor and trans hold on for a year or so. We’re slowly investing money in better suspension components, and we want to swap to a 3.55 locker.