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2011 P7B Lemons Race Car

She started life as a San Joaquin Co. Sheriff's Patrol car. About 75k miles into service, she was converted to a "Custody K9" car. I obtained her from a local auction house and set out to make her a race car for the 24 Hours of Lemons series.

She has competed in one race, finishing 50 out of 132 overall and 21 out of 63 in her class.

Some info about the car:

Full interior removal.
Full welded in roll cage attached to frame.
custom dash
Pyrotech Kill Switch
Double pull handle 8 nozzle fire suppression system
Poly rear windows with NACA ducts and cooling vents.

Mostly stock, with Monroe Police spec shocks and struts.
CHE Performance Rear control arms and Watts link on order.
ADTR Sway bars on order
(Future) RideTech Coilover system

J-Mod and Valve Body rebuild in progress
Stock condenser and trans cooler removed and replaced with Derale Trans cooler.

2010 Mustang take offs 18x8
Carbotech RP24 front pads, XP10 Rear
Previous Raybestos R300 rotors. Now: PowerStop drilled and Slotted rotors.

Painted with Chalkboard Paint (So other racers can "decorate" the car.


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