OH, I see. I put my 1/2-20 tapped plate in the same place as the U-haul pan does, rear face of the "well" area. To install it, I drill and tap qa 1/2-20 hole in a strip of 1/8" steel that is maybe 2 " long, 1" wide. I drill a 1/4" hole near each end, and I weld a 1/2-20 nut to the piece with a bolt in place to align my threads, then I run a tap through to clean the threads. I use a couple 1/4-20 bolts and nuts to bolt the plate into the pan like where the U-haul pan has welds, takes three hole in the pan. Then after install, I pien the small bolts after installing nuts good so there no loosening, and I use a standard 1/2-20 drain plug & washer. In the 2001, I put it opposite the magnet though, don't know why I did that though. It works OK so I leave it alone. My '01 has a TC drain too.
We put one in my '06 CVPI as it did not come with TC drain. Seams to me, with both drains, and after fluid change, it takes near 12 quarts to refill. AFAIK before 2001 they had the TC drain, 2002 & up did not, but 2001 can go either way.

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