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2010 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (CVPI)

- Purchased with 93,xxx miles. Now has 140,xxx.
- When I first met The 5-O, she had about 1,5xx idle hours. Five years later there are 1,9xx idle hours.
- Standard police package, 3.27s in the rear, lights and antennas on the roof and trunk, custom paint from the factory for the TEXAS Highway Patrol (THP).

This is her the day we brought her home:

Then after a few mods:

The only new picture of The 5-O that is worthy of inclusion is the one I took today of it sitting next to Whitey. The wife forgot her phone when she went shopping. So I found Whitey, parked next door and brought it to her:

The 5-O's history:
- Began life as a TEXAS Highway Patrol (THP) vehicle.
- Served in the Laredo, TEXAS area (according to the limited CarFax info I obtained).
- Was retired, sat for (reportedly and approximately) 6 months.
- Sold at auction in early 2016 to a local dealer.
- I purchased it from that dealer.
- Window sticker, owners manual and supplemental handbook were still in the glove compartment when I first saw it:

- By that point I had already looked it over and decided that I wanted it. Therefore I grabbed those out of the compartment and told the guy it was sold. double thumbs
- It is my current daily driver and has been since the day I purchased it in 2016, save the time it was in for paint and the subsequent buffing.
- Funny story regarding her name. My wife actually didn't want a former police vehicle of any sort. So she was against the idea. However I had wanted one for quite a while, even prior to our meeting, so I pressed ahead with it. Put in over a year of research and hunting, in fact. Just after the 5-O was ours, we referred to her as "The Siren Mobile", "Bacon" and a few others. But nothing stuck. Time passed. One night my wife watched an episode of the original Hawaii Five-O series (from the 60s/70s). She then hummed the theme song for approximately 5 days straight and what a joy it was to listen to it for those 5 days. However she did so primarily when we were driving around in our new CVPI. I mistakenly thought that she connected the two and was giving me grief (ergo sheeet) because we were carting ourselves around in a former police car that she didn't want. As it would turn out, the two were coincidental and she had actually accepted the idea by that point. However I didn't know that at the time and thought she was messing with me. We discussed it sometime later, laughed and summarily dubbed her "The 5-O". She's been known as such ever since.

Modifications made:
- Replaced front windshield.
- Complete re-spray of the entire car, to include the door jambs and inner portion of the doors.
- Removal of existing window tinting, installation of newer style tint (purportedly).
- Installation of window deflectors all 'round. First vehicle I've owned with that. Didn't how how we'd like it but as it turns out we very much do!
- Changed all fluids immediately after purchase: oil, transmission, diff, wiper, brake, power steering, coolant.
- New rotors and pads all 'round.
- New plugs all 'round.
- Consistent oil changes, tranny fluid still looks good. 'Prolly due for a change to err on the side of caution.
- New battery a couple of months later.
- New fuel pump.
- Replaced air filter that fall. Did the fuel filter while I was at it.
- Upgraded the wheels to 01-02 LX Sport, not knowing at the time that there was a difference. A local wheel shop (all they do is wheels) told me "there was only one." Uh no, there were two. laugh
- New tires all around to go on the 01-02 wheels.
- Sold those wheels and bought a set of 03+ LX Sport wheels from a fellow CVNer. Swapped the still-like-new tires from the 01-02s, naturally, and put them on the 03+s. Still running the 03+ wheels and tires today. Rotation every 5k miles.
- Purchased a "lifetime" alignment and had the first installment thereof done now that the "permanent" wheels were installed. Used it twice since. Most recent was March 2020.
- Replaced the front sway bar bushings, drop links and front/rear struts.
- Replaced the front seats with 2011 versions, as I preferred the larger headrests. For whatever reason. Don't know why, can't explain. Just do. And seeing as those existed that year only, I bought a second set of 2011 seats. And traded the original hubcaps for a third pair of 2011 headrests. Yeah. I did that. laugh
- Rampage center console.
- Due to parking lot rash, replaced the pax side mirror twice. The first pax side mirror replacement.
- Second time is here.
- Have slowly been acquiring backup parts for The Five-O over many salvage yard runs. We have spare doors, spare mirrors, spare fenders, spare hood, spare trunk, engine parts, tranny parts, too-many hardware bits, etc. In addition, we now have a spare set of steelies. And those spare seats and headrests, lest I forget.
- New rear bumper cover after more parking lot rash.
- New driver's side A pillar trim to replace the original one that still had its spotlight hole.
- New B pillar trim for both sides to replace the existing ones that had been scratched up quite a bit from her law enforcement days
- Replaced the gauge cluster bezel. Gonna need to re-do this at some point.
- New spare tire cover.

Things I have done since I last won CVN POTM:

- Replaced the headlights:

- Replaced the blower motor resistor.
- Added cushioning to the driver's seat.

Thank you for reading!

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