As RF said, you have an NPI motor. Ford no longer makes the NPI intakes.
Either buy a Dorman intake (which is NPI), or upgrade to the PI, which is pretty easy to do.

1R3Z-9424-AAA is a kit which includes OEM PI intake, OEM gaskets, and the newer style alternator bracket you will need. This is the Mustang kit, but exact same parts, the Vic part number (1W7Z) is out of stock.

3W7Z-18663-BA is the newer style heater return pipe, which shifts it out of the way to make room for the larger PI intake. These pipes rust out, so it's recommended to replace them anyways.

You will need to apply a glob of RTV to the corner of the four coolant passages, as they are slightly different shape.
There are several tutorials on this on YouTube, mostly on the Mustang, but it's identical.
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