Well we’re back from Thunderhill and I can only describe the weekend as; challenging.

First, the temp was never below 97. (Fri, 97, Sat 99, Sunday 104.)
Second, we caught several driving penalties on Sat.
Third ,on Sunday our fan module blew out, causing us to hot wire the fan directly to the battery. This also caused problems, because we didn’t have a sufficient gauge wire. After melting the first set-up, we wrapped 4 wires together to split the load, which works well enough to limp to the finish line.

Worst of all, our Trans ran at 260+ with a high of 284. (If you didn’t know, the wrench light comes on about 275)

So, back to the drawing board.

The plan moving forward is to switch from the single Derale, to a 2 cooler set-up.
Cooler one will be a large stack-plate cooler, which is more efficient.
The second, if we can find room, will be remotely mounted, and have its own fan. (If we can’t find a good location for that, we’ll run a second stack plate next to the main cooler,)
We’re also switching to stainless lines, because they are supposed to be more resistant to heat.

I know some people here have gone with the LPW pan. We’re now strongly considering this option too. My understanding is it hangs kind of low. I’ve searched everywhere for a photo of one mounted under a CV, but can’t find one.

If anyone is running the LPW pan, I would really appreciate a photo.

Will keep you all posted, I know there is a patch to a race trans that runs under 230.