I want to thank everyone for their help and responses. My team and I do really appreciate all the help.

Since my post a few days ago, I’ve been talking with Eric (88GrandMarq) and Hans (hkerekes) quite a bit.

I need to take some measurements to see if we can make it fit, but the leading candidate is the Ford 6.0 Powerstroke diesel trans cooler. It is about 34”x17”x1.5”. In addition to being huge, it is stacked plate. From what I gather by my research, this is the most efficient design for a radiator.

We are also going to run the factory fan full time. After blowing out the module, it just makes more sense to wire it through a relay to a switch on the dash.

This is also presenting its own challenges, because the fan has to turn off with the kill switch. I’m a little afraid to pull that much amperage through the switch. We’re trying to figure out if we can pull from an alternate source. (Like some of the stray police wiring or something left over from when we gutted the car.) I won’t really know until I measure the amp draw at the switch currently.

I never thought about contacting Ford performance. That is an excellent idea, (Thanks Lance01) I’ve contacted them in the past and they are great.

And thank you Old_guy_stu….I didn’t even realize Trick Flow made a pan. Might be a good upgrade over the Dorman, but less likely to be an issue than the LPW.

The semi-permanent locking of the torque converter is actually something Eric and I discussed. It would require some custom tuning to get there, but it is doable. (Since we’re going to do a 3.55 and LSD soon, the lock up may be on the table too) Another team at last weeks race have an older CV, mid-late 90’s I believe, and they run locked in 2, 3, 4.

It’s a work in progress for sure. There are no bad ideas at this point, I, open to any and all suggestions.