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If you want to wait and see if the derale cooler i bought works, you can use that as a data point for your setup.

We have a race on july 17th at charlotte motorspeedway ROVAL. 3 hour friday night, 4 hour saturday, and a 10 hour on sunday. Its going to be hot ( probably 95+) and will definitely be put to the test.
As we make the car quicker, i have a feeling that anything infront of the radiator is going to be an issue for engine cooling.

Thanks for the offer. I’ll text you after the race to see how it goes. Derale was very helpful. They recommended the 40 row, and said using the factory fan to pull was a good set-up.

The Ford 31 row 6.0 diesel trans cooler was a no go. Way too many things in the way. Even with some creative cutting, too much needed support structure is in the way.

I have two cardboard templates (little arts and crafts projects) for both the Ford 26 row stacked plate, which is the replacement for the 31 row. It’s 25x14x1.5. That may actually slide right in front of the radiator perfectly. It’s also 12” wider than the Derale.

According to the 6.0 and 7.3 diesel guys, it’s equally efficient as compared to the 31 row.

It’s a tough decision but we’ll see what things look like after checking fitment with the templates.

Out of curiosity, does anyone know the outer and inner diameter of the trans lines?

I need to order some SS line and want to get the correct size.

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