I have a Ford rebuild tranny in my 07' with approx 30k miles on it. Recently reverse won't move, the car actually feels like it's lurching forward and it's a hard stop. Neutral drives like it's in drive.

When the car is not running neutral and reverse both allow the car to be pushed or rolled backwards.

I replaced the mlps and confirmed the new one is showing the positions correctly when I am hooked up to the obd port while driving and moving the selector. Also overdrive functions correctly. The lines on the tranny and sensor line up correctly as well.

Any ideas on what this could be? Seems to me like a solenoid issue or wiring harness might be trashed but haven't dropped the pan yet.

Also I will got the wrench dash light when I had the issue the first time but didn't see anything on my PC scanner on an issue that would have caused this.

I'd prefer to not have to get a rebuild lol so I'm crossing my fingers.