With pushes from BradVic and a few other local Panther owners, plus the end of Covid restrictions, I've finally organized a Utah Panther Rendezvous. See below for details.

Why hold it in Utah County and not Salt Lake? Simply because most of those who have rsvp'ed live in Utah County. And the venue is terrific. A Motorcycle museum with two restaurants and a huge central parking lot between them, located right off the main freeway through the state.

Should be fun, we have about a dozen cars confirmed so far, including several movie prop cars, with one 1980's CHP Vic. Bring your gear for buy. sale, trade!

Leave a message here if you can come or need more info.

1) 2002 White P71 - 89K miles. 2) 2003 B&W P71 - 74K. 3) & 6) & 11) 2005 White P71 - 54K, 74k, 115K. 4) 2011 Black P7B - 79K. 5) 2008 White P71 - 95k. 7) 2004 Silver P71 - 104K. 8) 2004 Toreador Red LX Sport - 111K. 9) & 10) 2010 White P7B SAP - 104K & 106K. 12) 2006 White P71 - scrapped. 13) 2007 Tungsten LX Sport - 125k.