I'm trying to track down what's dragging the engine down; even though I'm still getting its normal 25mpg.

It's a really noticeable drag and I gotta step on the gas a lot more to get the rpms up to get moving. The drag is more noticeable in the heat of the afternoon (Phoenix heat) and not as much when cooler in the morning. I replaced the belt tensioner (because it was bouncing badly), new belt, new idler. ForScan shows zero misfires, no codes, no problems. Drag is there independent of the compressor being engaged or disengaged. I had the pinion bearing burn out earlier this year and had a full rear end rebuild (axles, bearings, seals etc) and the drag on the engine feels the same. No fluid loss or noise from the rear end.

With the belt off, the compressor, alternator and water pump pulleys spin very easily by hand and feels smooth with no bearing noise (by bare ear and by stethoscope).

The power steering pump will make three rotations very easily and then it becomes difficult with a lot more effort to turn by hand, but feels smooth with no bearing noise. I'm not familiar with ps pumps so is this effort abnormal or is it normal effort from building pressure while turning it?

The ps pump has a small leak at the pulley bearing but after watching it for three months the level in the reservoir hasn't dropped any.

I've had the recurring problem where the VAPS is ineffective at slow speed, making me think it is a pump issue.

Ps fluid was changed by Ford about 7K miles ago and it is still brand new clear looking in the reservoir.

I'm guessing the pump is failing badly internally somehow? Sound reasonable?

Any recommendation on a brand of pulley puller kits? I've read where many people have snapped the puller screw because of rust on the pulley. I'm not into renting.

I've been wanting to wait until fall when its cooler in the garage because its just too hot for me in there right now. But I'm wondering if waiting 3 months until October is too long to wait?

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