A lot of this info is posted in my build thread, but I know a few people have been following this thread only.

Finally received my Derale stacked plate cooler. Very nicely built, and quite large compared to the old Trans cooler I thought was “big.”

Only real problem I ran into was having no place to mount the OEM PS cooler. Instead of cutting up the OEM cooler and bracket, I set it aside for now. I repurposed the old trans cooler as our new PS cooler,

Fab work is not my strong area, but everything is cleanly mounted, there is a small space between the radiator and Tranny cooler, and the PS cooler does not block the Tranny cooler.

Old set up out.

The new larger cooler.

Mounted up, with the PS cooler nest to it, and tucked out of the way.

I still need to plumb everything. I thought the tranny hard lines were 3/8, but they’re actually 1/4. I still want to use 3/8,so I’ll just buy a small section of 1/4, and transition the hose.

I’ll post more photos when it’s all plumbed up.