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Very interesting thread. That is one beefy cooler! Curious what the temps will be like now.
You mentioned your car was formerly a San Juoquin county "dog car". How was the interior when you purchased it? Did you just strip it all out for weight reduction? I don't think I've ever seen a surplus k9 unit that wasn't totally disgusting.

It was very smelly, and full of dog hair. That is part of the reason we got it so cheap at auction. Most auction cars in this area go for $1500-2500 depending on mileage and overall condition.

Our car was only $950, partly because it was a dog car, and partly because the auction house couldn’t get the monitors to reset so it wouldn’t pass smog. I was able to get the monitors to reset and smog it within a week of picking it up.

The dog smell is gone, because the interior is gone, but what’s funny is we still occasionally have a random chunk of dog hair appear from out of nowhere.

If I was buying one of these cars to drive every day, or as a project, I’d probably think twice about bidding on a dog car.