The day after I bought it:

Pissing fuel from a hole in the tank patched with cardboard and epoxy, only had first and second gear, AC dead, fuel gauge inop, dry-rotted tires (not shown, the wheels were at the tire shop), blown shocks, 1-1/2 quarts of oil in the pan, squeaky alternator, mud in the radiator.

Broken enough?

Maybe not. With all that (and more) wrong with it, it still got me home.

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1988 CVLX Formal Roof (Love Boat) POTM July 2019 & Aug 2020, 56K
E-code lights w/ relays, LEDs w/ switchbacks, 15x8 Ansen slots w/ 255/60 BFG's, Kenwood stereo, various hacks.