We just finished racing at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval. I have the same cooler as traffic but with the 180 degree thermostat and fan. We still have our medium and small trans coolers mounted infront of the radiator.

Our temps were 200 - 210 consistently. I was hoping for under 200 but under 210 isnt terrible. Previously with the two smaller coolers we struggled to keep temps under 230 and had to consistently back off of it. That cooler dropped our temps atleast 30 to 40 degrees. So in short it works.

I did find out that we are exceeding our radiators cooling potential so i ordered a griffin radiator with a trans cooler. Im hoping to eliminate one or two of the smaller coolers and lower our coolant temps as well. They were consistently 210 to 220 degrees with temps raising to 230 if you had some traffic at speed.