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That’s awesome, great to hear the bigger cooler kept your temps 30-40 lower. We’re not remote mounted like you, but we will have a fan pulling the whole time.

Interesting to hear your engine temps went up. What was the ambient during your race? The one thing we’ve had good luck with is keeping the engine cool. Even on a 100 degree day, we consistently ran 195 even in slower traffic.

Very happy to hear the trans cooler is going to give us a chance.

If you’re not doing so, 100% synthetic ATF should help top.

We have a 1996 radiator, which is probably undersized for the PI engine. Also have full synthetic Driven ATF. It was 90 ish degrees out but we are pushing the car a bit. It ate a set of front race brake pads in 15 hours. We were 120 + mph on the bank and straights. It didnt get much of a break honestly the infield is tight but had a lot of turns under power. We ran a 1:49 which isnt slow and was on pace with some faster cars.

Good to hear the tranny did well in hot air, under tough conditions. We don’t run our next race till December at Sonoma, which is typically fairly cool. I think the first real test of our cooler won’t be till April 2022. Regardless, happy to have the bigger cooler in.