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The radiator, a 24g fuel cell, and 6 point belts are going to be our next race upgrades. We only have 3.5 weeks left and that goes by quick. There is a small chance the 6 piston wilwood setup will be done but thats really doubtful. I am trying to partner with someone to sell the kit if it works out as a budget setup.

The stock tank is really hindering us and it has definitely cost us a first place finish. ( which we would have won $470 in tires with). The radiator was also holding us back, we had to keep backing off of it. The seat belts are just a quality of life upgrade, as i [censored] despise our 5 point latch belts. They dont adjust well, are a pain in the balls to latch, and the 5 point setup sucks. You also cant really belt yourself into the car with a neck restraint on. Camlock style belts are much better in that regard. A $100 gift certificate to lifeline sealed the deal for me. Granted they were still $350 with the discount but you get what you pay for.

We ditched our latch style belts before our first race. Bough them, put them in the car, practiced with them, immediately removed them. The cam lock style are so much better, you won’t regret the upgrade.

I’ll be interested to see how your fuel cell upgrade goes. We’ve considered it, because the 6 extra gallons of fuel and faster fill would be nice.