Before I take the rear-end apart agian, after take a 50mile trip with 4 dude in the car it's pushing oil out the breather and the once dry cover has oil leaking out the bottom, also over bumps the rear sways side to side, it has never done this before, all the controls arm appear to be tight, sway bar is just the stock one on a precitrack marquis, but the links are tight, the watz link also appears to be fine, the rear end was also rebuild by me and a couple of buddy's 2500-3000 miles ago, new seals and bearing everywhere, its an open diff as well.
Thanks for any ideas
2001 cv, 75mm upper, 5.4 tb, 3.55 rar, aluminum ds, console swap, sw longtubes, jmod, 97k miles

1994 ltc, mint, all stock, 98k miles

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