In the process of installing Marauder corners. I picked up a pair of 06 - 2010 corner light harnesses. Got the drivers side done with no issues. Initially the cornering light did not work, but after unplugging and replugging the harness a few times it started to work. So I figure the Vic connector pins were dirty from non use. Started on the passenger side and tried to test the harness. I had parking light and turn signal, but no cornering light. So I figured same issue as driver side. Then I noticed that I had no headlights, high or low. Nor did I have any instrument panel lights. I have parking lights and turn signals and the cornering light on the driver side. I have not plugged the passenger side harness back in, so I don’t know about the cornering light on passenger side. I have interior lights. And the radio panel dims if I cover the sensor with the light switch in auto. Looking at the fuse panel and power distribution layout, it doesn’t make sense for what I have working and not working.

Any suggestions?

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